About us


We are three sisters, born and raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Although Kentucky will forever have our hearts, we currently live in the beautiful states of Tennessee and Colorado. After getting married and expanding our families, we decided that it’s time to make our dream a reality by opening our own company. When deciding the logistics of everything, we all shared a passion for people and making everyone feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. We knew going into this that we wanted S&A to be a company that offered women of various sizes unique clothes as well as helping women love their body and feel more confident in their own skin.

The idea of S&A was started on a facetime call back in May. However, the thought of opening our own clothing store has always been a dream for all three of us. We have talked and joked about it since we were kids. Growing up, family was always a priority to all of us. We each cherished spending time with one another, especially our brother, Stephen, who we named the boutique after. Stephen has always been the “glue” to our family. He has continually reminded us to love everyone, regardless what they look like. Just like Stephen, we want everyone who comes to S&A to leave feeling accepted, loved and confident. 

Get ready to come along our crazy adventures as we bring you behind the scenes into our life. We hope you enjoy being a part of S&A!

You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are loved. ~ Sarah Beth, Becca Joy, and Leah